Are you still getting the most out of your vehicle? Everything is bigger in Texas, and we at Clay Cooley Hyundai in Rockwall know better than most that we like to carry large loads in our cars. But with the worldwide crisis and gas prices skyrocketing, you may need to make a change – to your thought process and to your vehicle.

Maybe it’s time to consider driving something designed more for the frugal driver. While it may seem like a large investment, the savings in fuel costs may be necessary for years to come. Hyundai offers a wide variety of fuel efficient, hybrid, and electric models with either a fuel efficiency of over 30 miles per gallon or long range capability. In fact, the 2023 Santa Fe Plug-In Hybrid, which could be eligible for both federal and state tax credits, was awarded KBB’s Best Buy in 2-row Midsize SUVs and gets an incredible 33mpg highway.

The 2023 Elantra Hybrid is extremely fuel efficient, affording you up to 56mpg highway, and even if you want a little more power with the high performing Elantra N, you’ll still get up to 31 miles to the gallon on those freeway trips. Plus, who can ignore the all new 2023 Hyundai Ioniq 5, fully electric with a range of up to 303 miles, especially as one of the lower priced electric models on the market?

All Models Over 30 MPG – Save More on Fuel

Take a look at all the options Hyundai has for cars, SUVs, hybrids, and EVs with estimated fuel efficiency over 30 miles per gallon and electric models that avoid the gas pump with ranges over 300 miles. Hyundai is making great efforts to unite affordability with fuel efficiency, and it shows in their line-up today!

2023 Accent – 41 mpg

2023 Elantra N – 31 mpg

2023 Elantra – 43 mpg

2023 Ioniq 5 all electric – up to 303 mile range

2023 Kona – 35 mpg estimated highway

2023 Sonata - 28 mpg

2023 Tucson – 33 mpg

2023 Venue – 33 mpg

Disclaimer: All mileage and ranges are EPA-estimated values and may vary based on a number of external factors, as well as battery age, use, etc. Unless otherwise specified, fuel efficiency is an average of all model trims. Awards are issued independently by various agencies as listed and, unless otherwise specified, reflect the latest award and/or model available.

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